english rendition of ツキアカリ (tsukiakari) by Rie Fu

Eh, let’s do some song lyrics today. I started translating this a million years ago while watching Darker than Black. Especially given the largely angst-filled interpersonal space of the show, I found the private hope and quiet wistfulness of the theme to be comforting. It’s no secret I’m weak to contemplative and meditative voices in wordy, difficult love. To this end, I think the variation and repetition of moon imagery in the lyrics also have a lovely effect. In short, it’s still a go-to shower jam. lol.

The track can be found here and a video of a live performance here. Rie Fu has apparently spent parts of her childhood in English-speaking contexts so, while it’s not uncommon at all for English to appear in j-pop, her use of it often fits into the song with bilingual fluidity (see also “Life is Like a Boat” of Bleach ED fame). I like multilingualism and, even without near or native fluency, the idea of different languages as extensions–rather than translations–of sensibilities, so I don’t indicate lines sung in English in any special way. There’s only one such line here anyway and you can listen along (or ask) if you’d like to know which.

Tsukiakari (Moonlight)

ED1 to Darker than Black (黒の契約者)
Song and lyrics by Rie Fu

In the blue, in the blue, blue sky
I turn on the light of the moon.
It’s sweet, it’s effervescent, and it’s deep–
I suppose I am taken with such things.

And underneath this moonlight, unknown to any soul,
I call out your name and your name alone.
Always I’ve been searching for the future
Within this light.

For as long as I’ve been beside you
I have always had the feeling
The strength we believed in was creating movement
In things even far, distant, and frail.

So underneath this moonlight, unknown to any soul,
I call out your name and your name alone,
Trusting these understated feelings of love
Bathed in this light.

On nights like these when everything feels just beyond my grasp,
There isn’t a moment when you’re not in my thoughts.
There isn’t a day I don’t think about it…
How I hope the feelings in my wandering heart can someday reach you.

Underneath this moonlit sky, you called out my name.
Of course I come to see you, no matter where you are,
To be by your side.

Bathed in the moonlight, not a flicker in your eyes,
You quietly fixed your gaze upon mine.
So long I’ve been searching for a future with you
Within this very light.