Where I attempt to commit to a sense of meaning in order to avoid total self-indulgence

So, I’m something like the main character in these words on a screen.

A “professional” student training to be a writer, humanities educator, abuser of language/diction/punctuation/slashes, and otherwise professional “knower-of-things.” Likes: glasses, cracking up, and smut that comes from a good place. Dislikes: coffee, getting up, and water chestnuts that come from a can. Currently taking life by force of habit rather than strength. Trying to cultivate spaces where can congregate more than me.

I decided to claim this corner of cyberspace as a place to house those things that don’t quite fit into my life as it is, but which I have brazenly and insignificantly decided is important enough to take up space make room for. (E-mail is, I am told, now a dated and crowded for[u]m for communicating nothing in particular, but there’s plenty of room for cobwebbing in the www.).

Concretely, this would be inclusive of my attempts at BL (boy’s love) analysis, thoughts on East-Asian media, shameless fan(girl/boy)-ing, and expressions of queerness and post-humanism as one who spends a great deal of life thinking about and in the company of not-quite-human things: life objectified, sex narrativized, interpersonal engagements dramatized…in short, stories.

An aside on this.

Stories are my way in and out of life. They are my looking glass and my spectacles in the sky: how I see myself, how I see the world, and imagine the possibilities therein. In my most unhinged moments, they tell me incredible things about what makes people tick, what they sustain in their choice to be in this world. In my rare hinged moments, I say I choose my line of work because it demands that I take responsibility for my relationship with stories, that I do not consume them abusively, but that I answer to them and their orchestrations upon my feeling, knowing being.

One way to do this is to weave my relationships with stories into an interpersonal space. So please feel free to sound out your thoughts on what’s going on here.

And as some of the content is adult-oriented, please read responsibly (and with great anticipation)!